I’m Toni Jo Artz. I grew up in Indiana but eventually settled among the bright lights of Las Vegas! My background is in business management, administration, and accounting. This skill set allows me to use my accounting experience and business acumen behind the scenes to help businesses thrive and grow, especially when it comes to numbers.

I love to bring companies back on track and ensure their sales and profitability continue to grow. The key to my success in these endeavors? I’m a keen listener, and I keep my eye on the bottom line. Staying laser-focused is my superpower, and I love to use it to help companies survive and thrive.

I care deeply about successful outcomes and make necessary decisions quickly in the business world. At the same time, I’ve learned the art of patience and realize that things do not always happen on an expected timeline. Whether I’m taking a successful business to new heights or pulling one back from the brink of bankruptcy, I’m your partner you’ve been looking for.


What you need to know about me

  • I think in spreadsheets. I love digging into the numbers and data like other people love to create their own gourmet dishes.
  • I see gaps and know how to bridge them.
  • I solve problems, and I am not intimidated by big or small challenges.
  • I am the source that my clients come to and trust with the big, hard questions because they know I’ll give them honest answers.
  • I always have a Plan B (or A to Z if necessary!).