Business Health Check-up

Audit/Gap Analysis of the Financial Health of your business

I’ll take you through my process to see where you might be bleeding money, areas of concern, and opportunities for growth. At the end of this process, you’ll have a blueprint for closing those gaps and a roadmap for growth and greater profitability. You can then work on this yourself, or you can bring me on as your Fractional CFO.

Fractional CFO Services

As your Fractional CFO, I work with you long-term to dive deeply into the finances of your business and overall health of your business (your financial numbers are an indicator of business health, just like your BP or cholesterol numbers for physical health). And I don’t just tell you what to fix and then pat you on the head to run off and fix it by yourself. I’m on board to create solutions and help you implement them.

What you get

Change, growth, and sustainable profitability.

Here’s who I love to work with:

A business at the tipping point of the rocket launching off and needs support to reach that next level

A company that is profitable and wants to exponentially increase revenue

An entrepreneur with a small team who wants to set themselves up for success – and they need a financial member on their success team

What’s Your Next Step?

Well, first we need to see if we’re a good fit for each other!

You can set up a complimentary Discovery Call/Get-to-know-you conversation so that I can learn more about your business, and we can see if it makes sense to move forward.