Contract CFO Executive Services

Toni Jo Artz is skilled at top-level management for multi-million dollar companies.

Toni Jo Artz is skilled at top-level management for multi-million dollar companies. Because her diverse business experience has a concentration in accounting and finance, you can count on her to protect and improve profitability. With Toni Jo as your strategic partner, it’s now possible to integrate your vision with business goals.

She specializes in areas that most people run from. Here are some of the Contract CFO Services she can provide for you:

CFO – The Responsibilities Of The Chief Financial Officer Are Based On Management Of The Financial Decisions That A Company Must Make.

They May Include:

Setting Up Your Bookkeeping and Accounting Systems

Developing a Comprehensive Budget and Learning to Use It

Assisting the CEO or Business Owner to Develop Financial Strategy and Plans to Increase Profits While Reducing Expenditures

Assuming Responsibility for and Managing all Company Accounting Procedures

Monitoring Cash Flow and Maintaining Company Stability While Defining Growth Strategies

Developing Best Practices to Monitor and Maintain the Business’s Financial Health

CFOs typically work hand-in-hand with the corporation’s CEO.

Together, they review financial reporting, determine budgeting initiatives, and present investment opportunities when appropriate.

It’s not just about finances, though. CFOs work in the space between financial planning and business development. So, as Toni Jo Artz possesses, business acumen and analytical thinking play a significant role in lending financial help to a company.

Toni Jo can provide additional services that you might need, to include:

Working in conjunction with the CFO to establish budgets, analyze and inform on risk investment

Developing short-term and long-term policies and strategies with the top management team

Collaborating with department heads to set goals and ensure quality

Assisting the Head of HR (Human Resources) to set best practices in hiring, benefits, and payroll

Representing the company at events and functions as needed

Partnering with all top leaders to ensure growth, strength, and sustainability in the business

Working with Marketing to develop consistent messaging and brand reinforcement

Are you needing help with organizational processes?

Toni Jo can collaborate with other top-level executives in the business to ensure that they meet goals and objectives. Here are some examples of other responsibilities you can entrust to Toni Jo:

Looking at timelines, productivity, and business development

Optimizing business growth and revenue objectives

Assessing new processes and technologies and working with top-level management to implement those that lead to increased efficiency and profitability

These are areas where Toni Jo Artz shines, with her excellent business acumen, communication, and budget-planning and implementation skills. Her talent for excellent organization and time management translates into success for your company.

She can work independently and as part of a team. Using analytical planning skills and providing strong relationship-building and communication, Toni Jo Artz can adapt to changing environments and use her talents on-site or remotely.